The concept of Hangar2Hangar was developed by Heidi Theunens, an Alliance Airlines Flight Attendant based in Adelaide, South Australia. With little more than passion for her work and a great idea, Heidi flew to Cairns and drove over 400kms to Townsville North Queensland to test the potential route. 

After meeting with local police, community event organisers and council officials, Heidi approached Alliance management to further assist with the event concept. Originally a team building exercise, Hangar2Hangar presented a great opportunity to raise awareness and much needed funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) as part of Alliance’s Workplace Giving Program. 

What we are doing?

From 31 August – 2 September 2018 Alliance Airlines will host a three day cycling event for up to 20 cyclists including Alliance staff, customers, internal and external stakeholders over 400km between Alliance’s North Queensland hangars from Cairns Airport to Townsville Airport. 

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Why we are doing it?

  • To raise awareness and funding or critical programs and support services for people diagnosed with Breast Cancer in regional North Queensland
  • To raise awareness of workplace giving initiatives and how companies and their staff can contribute to charitable causes through their payroll system 
  • To strengthen the relationship of internal and external stakeholders of Alliance Airlines

Event Details

The three day cycling event will see participants riding over 400km between Alliance’s North Queensland hangars from Cairns Airport to Townsville Airport

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What will my impact be?


With every kilometre you cover on the Hangar2Hangar you will help BCNA to provide free programs, resources and support to all Australians affected by breast cancer.

  • $30 gives women diagnosed with breast cancer a copy of The Beacon magazine, our free national magazine for women with breast cancer and their families.
  • $55 provides a newly diagnosed woman with a My Journey Kit, BCNA’s free, comprehensive information resource that offers easy to understand information about treatment and the ‘next steps’.
  • $200 allows one woman diagnosed with breast cancer to attend a free community information forum with her partner, family or carer.

With your help, BCNA can continue to support, inform, represent and connect Australians affected by breast cancer.